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Wonder Women are born in June

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Happy birthday June born heroes.
Don't forget:
A hero is no braver than an ordinary woman, 
but she is brave five minutes longer. 
Here are 5 suggestions for the perfect June birthday:
  1. Find 3 quiet hours for yourself (more is even better, but 3 hours should be enough)
  2. Drink a glass of white wine: The Blue Nun Riesling is our June favorit.
  3. Listen to a great playlist: The Buddha Bar ambient chill out, can be a very good idea.
  4. Plan your perfect next year.
  5. Wear blue. Blue is a royal color, and you look amazing in it.

Want to treat yourself with the perfect blue dress?

The Francine linen dress (light blue)

The Alisha linen dress (skyblue)

The Eleanor linen dress (dark blue)